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- by Jamie Walker 60

At the gates of Hell I stand,
Ready to enter as a man,
Sought out by the evil here,
It shall find me without fear.

Upon the road of fire and bone,
I'm forced to walk this path alone,
Haunted by his face of sin,
I begin to doubt I shall ever win.

Tortured souls of corrupted men,
Howl in the darkness without end,
This is a place no man should be,
With nowhere to run. Nowhere to flee.

A chilling growl approached from behind,
From the soulless creature I came to find,
I had become a gladiator upon his sand,
One last battle....one last stand.

Three saviors

- by Shometsu Raitoningu 59

Before I met you,
I was filled with an eternal darkness, forever hating.
It was all I fucking knew...
but alas, I lay there... waiting.

For the ones who would truly care.
The ones who would actually be fair.
Who wouldn't run when my fangs would be bared.

So this is a little rhyme I came up with,
while playing in my head; a low riff.
And it's for you,
because you knew.

You knew my pain,
and you'd stand with me in the harsh rain,
even when I became insane.

So thank you, for letting me have a good start.
For letting me show you my art.
For not trying to dart.
Because you hold 1/3 of my heart.

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