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My best friend

- by Brian Myers 59

So I sit here thinking about that day
that God sent me an angel, and I thank him for not taking you away.

Because you changed my world with a blink on an eye,
that is something I cannot deny.

You are a best friend that will always be there
because you are a best friend that really cares.

You really don't know what you have done for me;
you've pushed me to be the best thing I can be.

When I'm with you I can't cry a single tear,
and your touch chases away all of my fear.

You really are an angel sent from above
to take care of me and show me what is love.

Now I have found what I am looking for,
and that is your love and nothing more.

You made my sadness and worries a thing of the past
because you showed me a love that will last.

Man, what we have just feels so right
because when I am in the darkness you show me the light.

I am so happy knowing that we are really never apart
because you have always remained in my heart.

Trust me [name] you will always be my best friend,
and that is because my love for you will never end.

I wish I could talk to you till the end of the day,
but now I am running out of things to say.

So I'll end this by a line you already know
and that is I Love You more then I can ever show!

Three saviors

- by Shometsu Raitoningu 59

Before I met you,
I was filled with an eternal darkness, forever hating.
It was all I fucking knew...
but alas, I lay there... waiting.

For the ones who would truly care.
The ones who would actually be fair.
Who wouldn't run when my fangs would be bared.

So this is a little rhyme I came up with,
while playing in my head; a low riff.
And it's for you,
because you knew.

You knew my pain,
and you'd stand with me in the harsh rain,
even when I became insane.

So thank you, for letting me have a good start.
For letting me show you my art.
For not trying to dart.
Because you hold 1/3 of my heart.

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