Drug abuse poems

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My escape

- by Kayla Saunders 59

I take my second big hit
The dark room becomes lit
It's starting to make me feel good
Just like it should
I'm confused and I don't care to worry
My memories are becoming blurry
By the time the joint comes back around
I can't get off the ground
Starting to loosen up, I'm starting to forget
My heart is beating so fast, I'm starting to sweat
Can't remember what pill I took
Didn't bother to look
As long as it takes everything away
And eases the pain for today
It's my turn again, I cough and choke
But I still take another toke
I'm so happy it's unreal
I can't explain how great I feel
So many ridiculous words are spoken
My heart no longer feels broken
Laughing so hard I begin to cry
I can hardly hold my head up high
He is no longer swaying from a tree
Now nothing can bother me
My pulse is really starting to race
But at least I can't see his face
I can try to quit
Or cut down a little bit
But this is all I can do to make him go away
Because he haunts my mind every second of the day


- by Emily F 58

The lighter's a trigger
I load my gun
And swallow the bullets
Straight to my lungs

With every drag
And hit I take
My thoughtless mind
Will come awake

No more mommies leaving
Or daddies crying
Just coughing and heaving
And careless flying

I guess it's living
I guess I'm dying
And if I'm not
I'm surely trying

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