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Three saviors

- by Shometsu Raitoningu 59

Before I met you,
I was filled with an eternal darkness, forever hating.
It was all I fucking knew...
but alas, I lay there... waiting.

For the ones who would truly care.
The ones who would actually be fair.
Who wouldn't run when my fangs would be bared.

So this is a little rhyme I came up with,
while playing in my head; a low riff.
And it's for you,
because you knew.

You knew my pain,
and you'd stand with me in the harsh rain,
even when I became insane.

So thank you, for letting me have a good start.
For letting me show you my art.
For not trying to dart.
Because you hold 1/3 of my heart.

True and genuine

- by Keyeria Sowell 58

True and Genuine
You will always be
You will always remain a true friend to me
When times are bad
You're there to understand
That's how I know that you are--
True and Genuine
We cry
We Laugh
We share all our fears
Nothing can come between us because you are always near
True and Genuine
Yes, that is you
The look in your eye is what makes you so true
Genuine, you are because you will always be there
I've looked for the flaws and I find none there
How we came to be
Was much a surprise to me
But the fact that we're inseparable is what matters to me
True and Genuine
You will always be
You will always remain a true friend to me

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