Death poems by teens

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In memory of my dad

- by Nash 59

The day I was rushed into a family room
I realized something bad had happened to you
the doctor told us there was nothing to do
now you are gone and words can't explain how much I miss you

when I went home later that day I locked myself up
and cried away. you were my hero my best friend
now I can never see you again. It came as a shock
I can't describe you were so strong and now you have died

I was daddy's little girl and now you were gone what was I
to do this felt so wrong I was all alone in the world so
cold I wanted to be in your arms for you to hold

now all I have is memories and photographs I wish that wasn't true but god needed an angel so he took one like you.
you were the best person I ever knew and when you died I died too.

I think of you everyday and hope that you can hear me say
I love you dad for eternity even though you are no longer
with me.

I can't wait till I die and go to heaven with you for I am sure you will be waiting at the gates then we will fly to the moon we will be together again hand and hand and once I'm up in heaven with you I will never cry again

I can't wait to ride with you on your motorcycle through the skies for I have been waiting far to long for another ride.

I miss you so much dad I really hate goodbyes

I love you

- by Sha'Quille Otto 58

Your past was no fairy tale
I thank you for coming through
That's why I made
A special poem for you
I put you through many struggles
But to you, I'm blessed
I didn't have anything I wanted
But you always did your best
You worked long hours
To make ends meet
You put food on the table
And shoes on my feet
To others you don't know
You may not be a star
But as long as I know
That's exactly what you are
You may not be physically strong
But you're the strongest woman I know
Because when it comes to love and care
That's when you let your strengths show,
Although it may not seem like it
I truly do,
That's why I'm taking the time to say
Auntie, I Love You!

By: Sha'Quille Otto

R.I.P. Charlie Jones
We miss you and always thinking about you...if you see god up there tell him I'm on my way.

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