Teen sweet love poems

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- by Sapan Shah 59

Once more, I close my eyes- and flash,
Come the memories of that day;
When she held my hand so tight,
There was left nothing I could say.

Her spirits were low; her tears fell on me,
She did that often, but this was something special;
Even though she was sad, had wet eyes,
I could see her aura, it was so incredible.

She held my hand even tighter, and then,
Let go of herself, on me;
She released her tears once more,
Neither did I move, nor did she.

Everything around seemed to freeze,
And both of us drifted as in a boat;
It was just one short moment,
But everything that followed, meant a lot.

For a second, I forgot everything,
I enveloped her in my arms;
She looked at me, with her eyes wet,
And to her beauty, that added charm.

She put her head on my shoulder, again,
After which, followed a silence;
I thought, at that time,
I survived only due to her lovely fragrance.

Those beautiful moments that I lived,
I could never have asked for more;
I cherish them, even now,
And will continue till I am at heaven's doors.

Almost breaking the enchanting silence,
From the bottom of my heart, I spoke;
'I Love You' yes, I said those words,
And after that, my voice broke.

She looked into my eyes again,
This time with all the love she had in her;
'I Love You Too…', she replied,
Those moments seemed like, forever.

She fell into my arms, like a movie scene,
I kissed her on her forehead;
The coziness in her, did me apart,
'I Love You', once more, I said.

I bet I can give my everything,
I bet I can take the entire world's pain;
I bet I can sacrifice myself, too,
If I get to live those moments again.

Without you

- by China 58

you know the real me
you've seen me cry
you've seen me smile
without you
there would be no me
only empty space
you've seen me all glammed up
you've seen me when I've just woke up
you still say I'm beautiful either way
without you
there would be no me to see
you've seen me happy
you've seen me sad
you say either way your glad to be with me.
without you
there would be no me to love you
an without me there would be no you to love me too

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