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Jay bird

- by Michaela H. 59

Swift as the wind,
Yet strong as a rock.
Fast as a panther,
But light as a shock.
A bright speck of gold,
In the dark blue sky.
Fly little Jay Bird,
Fly up high.

There for me in a time of need,
To gain your help I need not lead.
My heart you took,
Yet my life you saved.
A bright speck of gold,
In my cold black life.
Fly little Jay Bird,
Fly up high.

You and your words saved me

- by Juli Masters 58

I sit here thinking, why me
Why did I have to be the one
To feel all this hurt
And it never be done

Then the one person
I expect least
Talks to me and listens
So that my secrets are released

No longer bottled up inside
For no one to know but me
I love you Jaimee
And your generosity

You listened when no one else would
And promised you would not tell
You told how you related to me
And understood why I yell

You said you want me to be happy
And stop writing only sad
So here's to you for helping me
Not to feel so bad

Little did you know
I was slowly dying inside
Sometimes I even cut
Then when people asked, I lied

You're the only one who knows
All of what I've been through
And I love you for caring
Enough to help me like you do

You and your words
Saved my life
And know because of you
I can throw away that knife

This may not seem the happiest
Of poems that you've read
But trust me it is happy
And not full of pure dread

I can finally see the light side
And the happiness it brings
All because you spoke to me
And caressed me with your angel wings

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