Divorce poems by teens

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The window

- by Jake Tipton 59

I look out the window and what do I see?
Except for a better version of me?
He did the right where I did the wrong
So, I'm the one that wrote this song
I'm here soaking up regret in the air
You died thinking I never did care
I wish I would've made the right choices
Now it's too late, but I hear the voices
Saying all I should've said
I never knew you would end up dead
If I could have one last moment with you
I would die to let you know I love you too
The three seconds it would have took to make that call
To show how much I cared after all
So if you were here what would you ask of me?
I just want to know what you would want me to be
If you were here would you be proud?
But now you're lost in the grim reaper's shroud
You were the one that taught me right
And you were stole away in the middle of the night
Now I lay awake in bed
With thoughts of you in my head
Why didn't I say that four letter word?
If only you hadn't died before you heard
I was so wrong and now I see
You only wanted the best for me
So as I lay here seeing you now
I only wish I could tell you somehow
That even though the call you awaited never came
I did and do love you all the same
And now I only wish I could have seen the light
As I look out the window on this fateful night


- by Veronika J. 58

It happened 6 months ago
Though it seems like yesterday
I remember it clearly
It was a cold autumn day
You told me you loved me
Then left through the door
3 bags and a suitcase was all you carried
As you got in your car and drove more and more
Wet tears ran down my cheek
As I heard your last car beep
I knew the fun times and the games were over
No more kisses at night no more bear hugs when I'm sober
No more laughing in front of a warm blazing fire
No none of that because you're a cold hearted liar
For 13 years you only cheated and swore
You weren't the daddy figure I would adore
You tried your best to be a good dad
But somehow at the end of the day I would end up being sad
When I was younger it was easier
I was put into a your arms and you held me tight
You would never let go if I were scared at night
But all those moments are just pale memories
Because of you I was left on the bottom of a hole
I had to find my own way out.
It wasn't easy but I survived
Because my mum and my sister were by my side
I have just one more thing to say
As you live with your new wife, just remember
You gave a 13-year-old girl life
And it doesn't matter what you feel or did
She is still your little kid.

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