Teen friendship poems

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Do you ever remember

- by Emily 59

Friends forever,
Do you remember saying that together?
Do you remember making angels in the snow?
Sitting and watching the sunset glow?

Do you remember what you used to say?
That you would be there for me every single day?
Do you remember when you would grab my hand and we would run off to play,
I think of that while I ask for you to come back to me when I pray

Do you ever look back?
And wish you hadn't?
Do you ever remember?
Or wish we were still friends forever?

I do.

When you meet those girls,
Did you ever think this would happen?
That it would make you dampen?
That you would start to ignore me?
Tell me that friends forever could no longer be?

That you would spread rumors,
Because they thought it was cool?
That you would make boys fight over you, in a pathetic duel?

Do you remember when we thought those guys were jerks?

I do.

You stabbed me in the back,
You threw my life off track,
I thought you were my friend,
But that has come to an end,

I just want to know, do you ever regret it?
Do you ever want to mend it?
Do you ever remember?

I do.

If you had never come

- by Reilly Gandell 58

If you had never come, I'd have never learned to laugh.
My sandwiches would still be whole, and never cut in half.
My voice would have never changed to high, or low.
You would love my favorite band, and I would never know.

If you had never come, the rain would feel so cold.
I would have lived alone forever, with a secret never told.
My tears would have no place to go, but down my cheeks in sorrow.
I'd have my own clothes, instead of yours to borrow.

If you had never come, my happiness would not have last.
There would be no names upon my bright orange cast.
I would be left alone, when I stopped to tie my shoes when walking.
No one to whisper to, as the teacher just keeps talking.

If you had never come, I would have never hopped a fence.
Doing something wrong would have never made much sense.
I never would have tasted the stars in the dead of night.
But instead, you are here with me forever, holding me tight.

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