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When you love the same man

- by Madison And Emily 59

He says he loves me, but loves her too,
He can't decide between me and you.

Friends for ten years and he rips it apart,
killing every single inch of our hearts.

We fall for the same man and it kills us inside,
he wouldn't even care if one of us died.

I say "I'll jump," she says "I'll jump too,"
You don't care one bit if you get the tiniest action from one of us two.

We burn in our fire of hell, freeze in our own skin,
but we don't mean a single thing to him.

You say you want us forever and ever,
but without you we just might be a little better.

Hate is a strong word, love is too,
but neither means anything to you.

So goodbye are our final words, and she wishes you well
but as for me I hope you burn in hell.

True feelings

- by Ariel Shields 58

You make me feel so real
I lay awake at night thinking of you
I close my eyes and see
Only you
Do you realize what you do to me?
Why can you not understand me?
I know you like me, but why baby why
What should I do?
Listening to my heart, but it does not
know what to do
Listening to my head, but my head is too jumbled up
I like you, I do, and I need you,
But how long, tell me how long will it last?
Will we ever be friends when it is all over?
I never know when you pretend, do you
Really like me?
When it is over, will we still be forever?
Or never be close ever?

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