Dream poems by teens

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- by Nimra A. 59

Trapped by four corners of glass
Striving for the upper class.
No windows no doors.

Caught in the midst of a dream.
Floating or yet just as it seems,
An idea lingers across your mind
But diminishes as soon as you find.

You've almost made it
But you're stuck on the same page
As everyone around.

You're duplicated
Been dominated.
Your love has faded,
Traded for insecurities.

Playing their games like you've got no other aim.
Talking their words like a song caught on repeat.

Can't you see
In order to be who you are,
Beware of scars.

Don't trap your brain
Let your ideas flow.
Only apart from vain
Will your true self show.

Dream for nightmare

- by Shianne 58

Broken window shows each dream
Shattered lie you can't redeem
A wish upon a twisted heart
Diamond lie that ripped apart
Shards of truth a pane of glass
A broken dream that came to pass
A teardrop fallen in the rain
An unseen symbol of your pain
A silver thread upon the ground
Of lost hopes that couldn't be found
A web of lies and deceit
Twisted from each defeat
Bound by hatred from a flame
Burning bright, turning the blame
Blood red tears that fall right through
Showing all that wasn't true
A dream twisted to the end
A lie to truth from which you bend
A cold hatred from above
Back to silence shattered by love
A dreaming wish fallen from a heart
As each lie rips it apart
A teardrop falls from each eye
A wish that came in the form of a lie
Hopes that shattered upon the floor
Lies that were hidden behind a door
A dreaming eye that went unseen
Reliving everything had it been
A wish each year to have it sell
Your secrets that you can not tell
Hidden by all yet free to see
Each truth, lie, dream and wish as they be
To turn them back, a nightmare made
Losing battles, memories fade
And hopes and dreams are sold away
A lie born into a day
A reality turned back on you
From a truth they never knew
Careful all, for you will see
That secrets and dreams aren't safe to be
They take your dream, twist it around
Shatter the memories upon the ground
Whisked away by just one scream
They give you back your twisted dream
But when they do, this I tell
Your dream in exchange for a nightmare is what you sell

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