Feelings poems by teens

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Fatal consequences

- by Carrina 59

I felt so alone inside my head,
A constant wish that I was dead.
Empty and broken, I was alone,
The reasons behind this? Unknown.

Then I let you on my life, deep into my heart,
I believed that nothing would ever keep us apart.
My whole world had fallen into place,
When my darkest feelings you began to erase.

This perfect dream began to crack and shatter,
Now I am left with nothing except the tatters.
It turns out you were only breaking me more,
Now I am deceased, deep to the core.

My eyes are now empty- not an ounce of light,
I am once again lost in endless night.
When I close my eyes and begin to sleep,
Dark dreams and nightmares begin to creep.

I awake with screaming in my ears,
This is followed by my streaming tears.
In this raw moment, I ache for you,
This only rips my pain anew.

This crippling pain leads me to the knife,
My friend that will surely end my life.

Would you care

- by Allison 58

Don't be fooled by the mask I create
For it is all a lie
Underneath my calm sophisticated facade
There is nothing but lies and sadness

I need you to help me
I need you to reach out
Wipe the blind stare of the living dead away from my face
So that my heart can grow small but feeble wings
I need you to breathe life into me

After you find what a wreck I am
will you still care?

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