Rape poems by teens

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A life change

- by Amberrae Daniels 59

There was a chill in the wind that night,
one like no other.
The darkness made it hard for sight,
but I knew it was his brother.
The strength of his grip,
the frame of his stature;
as he grabbed my hips,
before I knew it I was captured.
My throat went dry,
I couldn't scream.
I tried and tried,
but the harder it seemed.
Next thing I knew,
an unfamiliar place;
unsure of what to do,
clothes were disappearing at fast pace.
My face turned white,
I couldn't shift.
Frozen in fright,
thinking did I deserve this?
Down my cheek,
the first tear rolls.
As he proceeds,
my mouth he holds.
"Our little secret"
he whispered in my ear.
"You better keep it!"
he became my only fear.
Blood droplets depart,
from inside of me.
Fast pounding heart,
he took my virginity.
Without permission,
without consent;
the one abduction,
he would not repent.
I thank him now,
more than ever before;
he taught me how,
it felt to be torn.

I wish i was blind

- by Courtney Powell 58

Waiting, debating
On whether or not I
Should be saying.

He took one thing
I can never get back.
It just goes to show
The real man he lacks.

Trust was a thing
My mom gave to him,
Not knowing the monster he
hides within.

I lay down for sleep
As he tells me to.
Knowing the moment is coming,
When he finally breaks through.

I'm hurt and
I'm bleeding.
He's laughing,
Ignoring my pleading.

Does he care?
Does it bother him?
Knowing there was more than one thing
He put inside me
Other than grim.

Three years have past
And I am still perturbed,
By the mess he left,
All things in my world are disturbed.

Just thinking he's out there
With some other girl.
She's probably so scared.
It makes me want to hurl.

I have no bruises,
I have no scars.
But taking my virginity,
Was like taking my heart.

Why would he do this?
What did I do?
I cant take my mind off of him.
I don't know how to.

picture perfect memories,
are not the images I see.
When I look back and think
Of a younger me.

I see his face
flash in my mind
Smiling his ugly smile,
I wish I was blind.

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