Teen first love poems

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Once upon a love

- by Sierra Vaughn 59

What we have is something new,
Our love for each other has always been true.
We met in a very uncertain way,
but if it wasn't for that,
I wouldn't know you today.

You're my life, my world, my everything indeed
Our love just keeps growing like a sunflower seed.
What we had, I cannot explain,
but you never argued or never complained.

We laughed, we cried, we put so much in store.
We'll hold our memories in our hearts forever more.

Over the years, we fell apart,
but I'm hoping one day,
we'll have a new start.

So as time goes by and others come through,
I still remember our love
and everything about you.

Dethroned heart's angel

- by Srikanth 58

Things become small including the sky;
when I was just talking or even beside her;
a feeling in the inner soul of flying high;
always feel that "The time should stop forever."

The colour of moon in night;
appears at her cheek when she feels shy;
she always appear so bright;
even when she takes the path without light.

The way she'll always be is pragmatic;
it's quite different from all the epic;
of the creator who lost all his power;
in creating her cute, little lively flower.

A misted thought comes in mind;
by staring at her eye;
I desire to change her to feel kind;
it always turns a lie.

She makes others even her friends;
with sensitive, patience, kind heart;
feel jealous with her amazing beauty;
some are jealous, change their trends.

I made it clear;
that she is the one I have to pray;
and I always fear;
that she would leave and go away.

In future when I reach my aim;
I'll represent her with my fame.

Things I know about her;
gave me life and those;
I understand about her;
had made it to continue.

I humbly have to say;
I am the luckiest and also fortunate;
in sense of the way;
I am getting her love, it may be late.

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