Anger poems by teens

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My apology

- by Natasha Underwood 59

This is to the guy that I went out of my way to get noticed by
The one who I trusted, the one who told me lies
The one who made me feel like I was the only one
The one that was through with me when the sex was done.
The one that made me feel like I was impossible to love
The one who called me over when he just wanted to bust
The one that made it clear I'm not the girl he wanted me to be
I tried and I failed so this is my apology

This is to the one who gave me life the one that gave me birth
The one who complains and looks at me like I'm the worst thing on the earth.
The one who emotionally beats me down
The one whose suppose to lift me up from the ground
The one whose suppose to bring to my face nothing but smiles and laughs
The one who brings everything that is the opposite of that
The one who constantly compares me to others
The one who makes it so difficult to love her
The one who says I'm not the daughter she expected me to be.
I understand that and this is my apology

This is to the sick bastard that crept into my room
The one who gave me those thoughts of ending it soon.
The one who lied and said I was crazy in the head.
The one who had denied creeping into my bed
The one who left me scarred for life
The one who is responsible for my silent cries at night.
The one who says I've changed his life
Cause I've caused problems between him and his wife
The one who said I should have kept quiet, I should have just let things be.
He's right, nothing positive came from it, so this is my apology.

This is to my friends that say I do nothing but bitch and complain
The ones who left because they say I've changed
The ones who didn't stick around in my time of need
The ones who gave me more of a reason to grieve
I understand I'm not that girl I use to be
And for that this is my apology.

This is to the girl with the low self esteem
The girl who cries so terribly
The one with the forced and fake smile
The one who hasn't been happy for a while
The one whose afraid to trust any man
The one whose afraid to let any one in 
The one whose past up many chances at love
Because she finds people hard to trust
That one that was robed of her purity and self-esteem
This is to the girl I'm embarrassed to be
This is my apology, to me.

Pulsing pain

- by Jazmin Hall 58

So angry
The feeling of betrayal
Suffocating my senses
A thousand attempts
Is a thousand failures
Only expect everything less
A distant aspiration
A promising relaxation
Muffled screams
And stifled cries
Never wish hello
Always curse goodbyes
This feeling in my chest
Is no longer just a feeling
Born in the darkness
Nursed by the pain
Raised by the injustice
It courses through my veins
And pollutes every thought
And murders every dream
No mercy for the innocent
No care for the naive
Pure worship for the ignorant
Sacrifices of the soul
Piece by chunk, its chipped away
My hearts no longer whole
Don't try and tell me its okay
Cuz you'll be lying to my face
All hopes and dreams
All laughs and smiles
Have all been washed away.
No love, no loss
No hope, no tears
Plain and simple, you see
No tries, no fails
No lies, no tales...
Still alive, but barely breathing

~August 9, 2010 @3:13 pm

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