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Do you ever remember

- by Emily R. Laws 59

Do you ever remember,
Those words once spoken?
The ones that changed everything?
The ones I love?

Do you ever remember,
The things we used to do?
The things that changes us?
The things I love?

Do you ever remember,
When you said "I love you?"
When I said it back?
When you said "Forever and Always?"

Do you ever remember,
How it used to be?
We didn't hide.
And you were still there.

Do you ever remember,
That time you didn't say it back?
Or when you said it's over?
Or when you saw me cry?

Do you ever remember,
When you said "I still love you,
I always have,
And always will."

Do you ever remember,
When I said I do too?
I'll love you,
Forever and Always.

Magical night

- by Eden 58

The moon shines bright, on this warm winter night we laugh as we join hands, as we look up to see the stars dance,
trapped in this moment forever, knowing we will always be together, then we see a shooting star race across the sky,
creating a look of love in your beautiful hazel eyes, then I close my eyes and make a wish, knowing it had all come true
with just one magical kiss, I open my eyes to see you smile, then I cry endlessly like a child, you wipe away my tears, as
you made the promise to love me through a thousand years, then I look up at the sky again and see that the stars were
gone, and all that was there was clouds, then I heard the thunder begin to roar laud, then I started to feel the wetness of
the rain on my skin, you tossed your head back and laughed and said "let the good times begin!" you put your hands
around my waist, then I stroked your cheek, as our lips began to slowly meet, I felt the thriving more this time, as you got
down on your knees and said "be mine" you said you couldn't bear the rest of your life without me being there, that you
would fight for me die for me, then you said "will you marry me?" I got down on my knees too and said "I do" the moon
shines bright, on this magical night

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