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Can't live without you

- by Roxane Faulkner 59

So, I am sitting here, writing this poem to you,
because right now it is all I can do.
I write all these poems from what I feel,
all these feelings I have are too real.

You were the only person I looked up to,
For everything that I wanted to do.
But now you are gone,
And I just can't move on.

All the things I learned from you,
are the things I want to do.
But I can't because without you I'm not good enough,
I'm not confident, or tough.

I want to be there by your side,
with you for the rest of my life.
I want to be in your arms,
where I could never be harmed.

You were my big brother,
And I never would have asked for another.
And you were too young to die,
I wasn't ready to say goodbye.

My brother

- by Imogen Kate Hindson 58

My brother is sweet,
My brother is nice,

When I am upset,
I come for advice,

He teaches me new stuff,
Almost all the time,

And I think that,
Is really really kind,

I love my brother,
And he loves me,

Now that's the way,
It's meant to be

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