Fear poems by teens

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Running from me

- by Rodshanik L. Brown 59

Painfully aware, of all my peers
The pain, the pressure, creates real fears

Trying to escape so many eyes and ears
Over thinking so much, my mind is seared

Afraid of the judgment, so my voice has no sound
Dodging harsh eyes, so MY eyes find the ground

This lingering emotion, I cannot define
They say mind over matter, but I say matter over mind

I'm running from something, I jump into my dream
In that happy place, I can be exactly what I seem

I finally understand what this emotion must mean
Because I figured out what I'm running from...
I'm Running From Me


- by Jacquelyn Upton 58

Trees, trees, trees
Branches, sticks, leaves
Whipping, gashing, slashing at my arms
I can't get away no matter how fast I run

Tripping, falling, crawling on the floor
Ragged cuts, tattered clothes, jagged breathing as I start to slow
My eyes are heavy, my vision blurred
Distant images start to stir

He's right behind me, he's catching up
I have to keep moving, but my legs have had enough
Getting dizzy, about to pass out, a distant figure starts to stand out
A distant scream, a whispered plea, I can't believe it came from me

Pulse is racing, a feeling of hands, a gentle hush as I'm helped to stand
It's him, he's caught me, please strength don't leave me yet
Let me be anything but his sullied pet
I have to leave, I have to get away, I fall to my knees and let my head sway

Stopping, he stares at me and gives a mirrored laugh
Then he reaches for me as I start to move back
I'm to slow, he's to fast, I can't get away, he's taking me back
I can't let this happen, I must react

Head's too fuzzy, I'm getting too weak
I'm stumbling over my own feet
One chance, a pull, a twist, a pop and a moan
I'm not the one with a broken bone

I'm still running, he's still coming
My strength's about to give out
Dead end, cliffs end, water and rocks below
Tell me, if you had a choice which way would you go?

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