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Menacing madam meryl

- by Estampa 59

I knew a biased educator
Who resembled a detonator
Screaming, criticizing, patronizing
Educationally dramatizing
Blasphemous thoughts informed the students
Of the menacing rage of the nuisance
Her lies and aches
Remind us of her pathetic fakes
Learning is wise
We all see through your disguise
So listen well and count your sheep
Students rule the school you freaking bleep. :)

The nightmare before christmas

- by Logan Hornback 58

Big, fat Santa bounded through my halls;
He made everything shake, even the walls.

He ate all my cookies,
Drank all my milk;

He had heavy boots,
And a coat made of silk.

Over his back he carried the toys;
Some of them, a lot of them, even made noise.

He smelled like fresh, tobacco smoke;
He gave my favorite tree an irritated poke.

A grumpy look came upon his face;
This guy is crazy, and I bet he carries mace.

He reached into his bag, so I thought for gold,
But out he pulled, a big lump of coal.

With an angry look, he set it down with ease;
Then walked up to my chimney, and gave his nose a squeeze.

I'll never forget the obese man in red;
I'll hate him forever, until the day I am dead.

~An Original Poem By Logan Hornback~

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