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Am i insane

- by Jacquelynn Taylor 59

You were my best friend,
I realized I felt more,
You didn't feel,
My heart was tore.

It was a lie,
You did feel,
A great amount,
And it was real.

I must be insane,
I didn't think love did exist,
But I knew it was true,
When you made me promise to stop the scars on my wrists.

I broke it off,
A stupid mistake,
There was nothing left,
For me to take.

I asked for a second chance,
You hesitated,
I figured you thought,
I was over-rated.

But you gave it to me,
a smile I couldn't stop,
With lips as red,
As a strawberry crop.

Now I see you,
every few days,
You send me,
Into a craze.

Thank you for being the first to really love me.

I love you.

Sight in the night

- by Raven Harvenheit 58

Here I lie, in my darkened room
Thinking of you, as I often do.
Letting my mind wander its hallowed halls
Hearing your voice, its welcoming calls
The soft gentle rasp of your deep toned voice
Knowing it's you, my one true choice.
I run towards your shadow with longing eyes
But you always ascend from me, into the skies.
The angel you are, yet you can't see.
The mere sight of you seems to always amaze me.
The ways your eyes glisten and swim so dear
They look like an ocean, pure and clear
I look at your face, my gaze to your lips
That grow more addicting with every kiss.
This is what I see as I lie in the night
As I wait for the day we escape in sweet freedom's flight

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