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Just a normal girl

- by Leanne Blount 59

I'd like to think myself as normal,
Just an ordinary girl.
But I'm not into butterflies,
I don't do ballet twirls.

I hate wearing make-up,
No eye shadow or blush.
I don't have time in a morning,
As I'm always in a rush.

I don't wear fancy underwear,
Especially not a thong.
For all the girls who do out there,
I think it's kind of wrong.

I don't spend hours on the phone,
Just simply chatting away.
I only need to take five minutes,
On my hair everyday.

My room is not spotless,
My room is not a tip.
I don't put powder on my nose,
I don't give teachers lip.

I don't go after every boy,
That I come across.
I don't think I'm better than everyone,
Don't think that I'm the boss.

I don't walk with my breasts,
Held high up in the air.
I don't try to shake my bottom,
Or twirl and flick my hair.

I just want to get through,
These taunting years of school.
I don't care what you think of me,
I don't care if I'm not 'cool'.

And I do have a good time,
A laugh with all my friends.
I balance it with learning,
This is my beginning, not my end.

The kid in the back of the class

- by Nick 58

The kids pointed and the kids laughed
at the young man that sat in the back of the class.

The one with his head down
to conceal his lost frown,
the one whose face of confusion
led to all the student's intrusion.

Him feeling miserable was the children's desire
they most enjoyed teasing him of his attire.
From the clothing he would wear
to the weird styles of his hair.

As the children ridiculed him and called him names
the young man hid his face in great shame.
What was he to do when it was one vs. all?
Cause he knew what they'd do when they found him in the hall.

The bruises on his skin
were not punishments from his own sins.
But they were the cruelty for his differences,
and the consequence of his existence.

It was midday the next day when the school went under attack
the students inside had no time to react.
Everything was happening all so fast
and it all started right after that first blast.

Loud gunshots filled every hall
and blood was splattered all over every wall.
For thirty long minutes the rampage went on
until it finally ended with the death of the con.

When it was all over, reporters flooded the scene,
and asked everyone around what they had seen.
Students said they never saw the man
they said as soon as they heard the guns, they all just ran

Days later the school was still full of broken glass
but that didn't stop students from returning to class.
When class had started the students placed, under their desks, their feet.
and they all turned around to notice in the back that there was one empty seat...

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