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- by Teresia K 59

I worry for your family, the people in your heart
I never meant to hurt them by tearing you apart
I think about the life that you'll soon be leaving behind
I thought I would feel anger and hate,
But all I can think of is you, all alone in your mind

Two years of loneliness is nothing -
Preferable - compared to what you've put me through,
But a lifetime of judgments is not something I would wish for you

I'm scared of the consequences ahead for both of us,
But soon it will be settled, with nothing left to discuss.

You took away parts of me that can never be replaced,
My childhood, my innocence - you let it all go to waste.
But what I'm about to do feels worse somehow -
'Cause as my future lies ahead of me, your future dies.

The teacher

- by Amelia Jane 58

Remember when we met?
When I was just a kid.
And you said to me,
''It's okay, we're all friends here.''
And treated me like a normal kid?
Well even if you don't,
Thank you, as you now mean the world to me.

Remember when I first cried in front of you?
When times were tough for me.
And you said to me,
''It's okay, I'm here.''
And it all seemed a little better?
Well even if it's slipped your mind,
It made me who I am today.

Remember when you fell apart?
You couldn't cope without your Dad.
And I said to you,
''It's okay, I'm her for you.''
And you put back up your mask?
Because it had slipped that day and I saw,
The real you, scared and hiding.

Remember when I left you?
To move on to my next stage.
And you said to me,
''I'll always be here for you.''
And we hugged and talked for hours?
You wanted me to chase my dreams,
And helped me through my fear.

Remember when I became you?
And you took to the sidelines.
And I said to you,
''I'm here to carry on.''
And you watched like a proud parent,
As I took my first steps?

Now it's me remembering you,
As you lie in the ground.
I'll always remember your calming voice,
And be grateful for what I found.

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