Cheating poems by teens

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- by Névé 59

I can see the pain in your eyes,
it's right there,
reminding me of what I've done.
I am the betrayer,
I put this hurt on you,
you never deserved to feel this way.
I don't have any excuses,
I can't say it was a mistake,
because I knew exactly what I was doing.
The regret I feel chokes me,
I have no words I can say,
nothing that can erase what I've done.
I wish you'd hate me,
I wish you'd turn away,
I wish you'd say you never want to see me again.
Because sitting here,
watching you accept this,
is killing me.
I know you deserve better,
I know that better should have been me,
but it wasn't.
I can say I'm sorry,
but even though I mean it,
they're just empty words.
No one likes a cheater,
no one should.

I loved you

- by Jessica 58

You have no idea how I felt
You were my entire life
They say with time broken hearts heal
Rather then wait I turned to my knife

I gave you everything I could
I gave up everything for you,
You hurt me in return
Like I knew you would do

They tried to make me see
What you were all about
I turned away in disbelief,
Had to find out for myself

In the beginning everything was great
You made me smile you made me laugh
I fell for you, took the bait
But what I saw of you was only the good half

Months went by, I was in love
Thought you were all I would ever want or need
But clearly love was not enough to make you rise above
The reputation they told me to heed

Then things started going bad
I found you and her
It made me so mad
Your not the person I thought u were

I forgave you
For the betrayal and silly lies
Because you changed my view
To you I had so many ties

I begun to realize
That nothing was changing
You were like so many other guys
Constantly cheating

What did she have
That I was lacking
Was it looks
Or was it what she was packing

I tried to end it
But you kept holding on
I tried to run away
But you would not let me stay gone

You kept calling and calling
Convinced me I was wrong
Finally I was bawling
I couldn't move on

So Here was chance two
My biggest mistake
You tore my heart in two
Then stomped on it with hate

I was too helpless to leave
Even though I wanted to
I wanted to believe
That you would change

How stupid of me
To stay and stand by
Why didn't I see
That it was all one big lie

I'm gone for good now
It hasn't been easy
But I'm moving on slow
God you were sleazy

I found a good guy
He sure helped me see
That rather then cry
I had to work on me

You think you won
But you're so wrong
I'm moving on
It's not gonna take too long

I finally see
I'm better without you
My life is so breezy
God, get a clue

You have the whore
But the good girl got away
Have fun loser
Cuz away I'm gonna stay.

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