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The loudest shadow

- by Anthony 59

It begins as a noise in the background
keeping steady beat as it makes its round
it can be found at any time of day
it's so simple, just push play

It creates a story for everyone's life
as if it understands your struggles and strife
it's impossible to stop, it's purpose will be served
as if not to judge on whether or not you deserve
to feel absorbed in something bigger than yourself
where there is nobody to ever ring the bell

Of complete reality and worry filled days
when life gets too real there's something that says
I'll be with you through the HAPPY and SAD
the really GREAT days and even the BAD

It lingers as if ready at any possible time
to lift you off your feet and begin to fly
away from all the grief, sorrow and pain
to tell your mind that it's free again

No judging or casting a nasty glare
nope, just to let you know that it's always there
as the shoulder to cry on when no one else cares
and casts you alone to face all of your scares

It will give you a feeling that no one else can
and open your eyes to the ever growing span
of opportunity and dare and even the strength
to end it all or just shoot blanks

It tends to all of our daily needs
not for us but with us so we really can see
the magic of you when in a crowd
nothing else will sound as loud

As the beats, bells, and whistles that are in your head
revealing to you a new path to tread
for you will follow no one your path will be your own
because your are lead by something that can't be owned

To be there for whenever you desire
is its one purpose, to light your fire
it can't be stopped if the will is steady
it can be unleashed, it's always ready

To light up your day or slow down the time
to yell at the world, or even to cry
to help you with whatever you may need
or just to be there for whenever you please

It will live until the end of time
serving its purpose, to let its light shine
remember family, friends and even pets
but most of all music never forget

Music is everything

- by Jbizzy 58

Music travels all around my body
Now I can say it's living right through me
Listening to music puts me in a good mood
It makes me want to stand up and start to groove

Music can make me forget all of my pain
It brings out the sun when I can only see the rain
I put on my headphones and play all of my songs
I could listen to it all day long

Music takes me to another place
Higher than the sky and far away from the space
There's nothing to compare to it in the whole world
It wouldn't even be better than my favorite girl

Music can teach you many lessons
Like stand up for your rights and all the good reasons
I know there's people who thinks the same way
Because they know music lives in us everyday

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