Teen birthday poems

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I must be lucky

- by Valerie Radcliffe 59

How lucky am I
To have you by my side
Your love shines through
In all that you do

So much you have said
So much I have heard
So much you have taught
So much I have learned

I know that we have had ups and downs
And sometimes even a little frown
You have always been there, so I will say
I love you, and have a wonderful special day

Happy birthday sarah

- by Ben Gill 58

The 14th is a special day
And just like this day,
You are special in your own way.
You being fabulous is not a lie
So Sarah, this is why,
You are great
You're my best mate
You're caring and fun
And my love for you
It weighs a ton!
This birthday is a special day
Because drinking and partying is now your way.
This birthday is your time,
So get out the beer and wine.
There are many opportunities waiting for you,
So don't worry if you miss a few.
So as your brother I can say,
Good luck and Happy Birthday!

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