Alcohol addiction poems

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Mother why

- by Karissa 59

I woke up and felt as if my life just ended,
Without knowing how my life may begin,
I get a call my mothers dead,
So many thoughts went threw my head,
Without even a good-bye,
How come there's so many lies,
She drank that night,
It wasn't right,
Why she have to drink that much,
And get in a car with so many drunks,
She would have been alive,
If she didn't drink that night,
Now I'm here not knowing why,
Stuck without my mother,
And trying to help my father,
My dad is sick as well,
All I want to do is yell,
What am I suppose to do,
I'm stuck here without you,
I love you mom and miss you with all my heart!


- by Cody 58

Another day of life by the drop.
I pray to lord, help me stop.

I awake in pain, feeling shame.
Knowing soon again I'll play the game.

For the brief second with my self.
Before I walk over to that shelf.

I stop and think of all the things I do.
And the people I hurt while drinking booze.

I grip the bottle o' so tight.
I won't let go until the night.

All these thoughts rush through my head.
Loves and pride and things I once said.

I know it's from the former me.
The one that can no longer be.

It hits me hard, I cannot cope.
So drink until I start to choke..

Day to day, I live like this.
High to high and kiss to kiss.

I hope one day, the drunk will let me out.
And never again will I drink and shout.

Until that time I'll drown and hate.
I just hope that's not my final fate.

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