Abortion poems by teens

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My sweet little angel

- by Bianca Sahagun 59

I can't sleep my body is aching
the pain in my chest, my heart is breaking.
The bond that we share I thought was so strong,
but obviously I was so wrong.
The child we made, so precious and sweet
is tearing us apart week by week.
My heart is torn between my two loves
do I chose my true love, or my child unborn?
this is the hardest decision I will make in my life,
and I assure you this cuts like a knife,
To my child I love you dear,
I'm sorry I can't keep you here
it's not that I don't want you,
believe me when I say my love for you is true,
I'm sorry you won't get a chance at life
because your mommy is a bad wife
if I could take your place I would do it, oh so quick
I know that this is hurting you, and it's hurting me as well
I feel as if God should just throw me in a cell.
My heart is breaking,
my body is shaking
you are forsaking.
I know when its time for me to go
you'll be waiting for me at heavens door and you'll say
Mommy look how much I've grown!
and we'll live together forever in heaven
until I see you again, I'll always love you and ill always be thinking of you
my precious little angel you will always be in mommy's heart.
I'll never forget you, neither will daddy, until we meet again.


My baby

- by Bethany Burmeister 58

I hear it crying in the night,
Even though it's not really there.
I killed my baby,
An innocent life,
Before anyone knew she was there.
Before anyone could stop me,
Before anyone could care

I didn't know what I was doing,
I was acting without thinking.
I wasn''t ready for a baby.
I didn't know what I was seeking.

I killed my baby girl,
I didn't know what else to do.
She will never enter this world,
She'll never know what I knew.

I'm sorry my baby
Just know mommy loves you.
I wasn't ready for a child,
It's nothing against you.

I love you my baby,
My sweet beautiful girl.
If I could have kept you,
You would have been my whole world.

Just know mommy loves you,
You'll be safer where you are.
I pray that you forgive me,
Watch out for me from afar.

I love you my baby,
Just the way you would have been,
Just the way you are.

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