Teen graduation poems

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Two months away

- by Autumn Harris 59

Two months away
it will be May
and you will be gone.
I'm trying to forget about it
but I'm remembering
and I just have to say
you'll be missed
cause it's only two months away.
soon you'll be graduating
and the memories
will be all that remain.
two months away
you'll be on a different lane
and I'll still be on the other one
in a lot of pain.
you're the best bro
a girl could even ask for
I just wish we had a couple years more
so I could have more memories
cause in case you didn't know it
May is only two months away!:((


- by Evelyn Montoya 58

OMG - the time has come when the
tears come down and the caps go up.
When we all come together for that last hug,
and that last kiss is unforgettable.
When the halls are quite
and the parking lot is empty.
When your high school crush smiles…
and the one you fought waves
and you'll say, "why did we fight"?
As you walk around your last day
try not to cry.
Remember all the good memories you shared,
the Green and White games,
the Homecoming Dance and 2008 Prom!
For you will leave and we shall stay…
we will miss you …
As you take your next step try not to lose touch,
for we are here to guide you along…
stay on the right path.
Don't take any wrong turns …
for you have come far…
-Love the class of 2009

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