Forgiveness poems

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Why it hurts

- by Jose Pazsoldan 59

I don't understand why there's pressure inside,
but the pain that comes from it brings a tear to my eye,
I haven't talked or seen you in a long time,
so why do I still feel pain inside,
is it a heart attack or is my heart trying to put itself back,
from the years of miss-use broken in pieces, quarters, and halves,
when I finally have the courage to look at your page,
I see you've grown, but I have aged,
you're so beautiful, you look like an angel to me,
but by now I know you've forgotten all about me,
I don't blame you, I would to,
after all the nasty things I said to you,
but you have to understand I don't have the time to play the kid,
I have a lot of work and time put in,
but for some reason all my songs are about you,
at this point I feel lost without you,
you were my happiest inspiration to sing about and write,
but now you're the reason why I can't sleep at night,
but I know I must learn to forget,
practice ignorance pretend to not exist,
but as my last message,
thoughts about you,
I want you to know how much I think about you,
if fate wanted us to be together then together we shall be,
but for now I will forget about you and me,
before I push the reset button for my heart,
there still a chance for a start,
just tell me you miss me and I'll back away,
then in my heart you will stay.

Just let it go

- by Durwin Davis 58

In time,
Things come
Things go

With love,
Leaves fall
Leaves grow

The morals of life,
Have no beginning
Though it seems the trials
That we face,
Have no ending

Words said to hurt,
With thoughts made to
The only way to express
a pain that I feel

Just let it go...

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