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Baby girl

- by Rebecca 59

Big blue eyes and a beautiful smile
all the qualities to last the longest while
comforting laugh and a warm heart
so many blessings I don't know where to start.
small hands and such small feet
but my love for you no one could beat.
intelligence and beauty
two of two you got from me.
laughter from the angels, sparks from the fire
you're my beautiful blessing that I love and admire.
simplicity and happiness I hope come your way
for I found both on your special birthday
my loving sweet baby girl
for you my love is more than all that in the world.
walk strong and tall with all your grace.
find happiness and strength along your way
my little girl I love you dear
be happy, graceful, and lively through all your years.
to my baby girl you are my hero--love mommy!

Time is ticking

- by Sami Chester 58

In a house
Full of lies
Hurtful words
And lonely cries
Parents fight
And children try
Only to escape

In a corner
Tears fall down
Blood is spilling
All around
Help me out
Let me leave
Only to escape

They pretend
It isn't true
Others say
It must be new
Quit ignoring
Please for me
Only to escape

I just need
To get out
No one listens
As I scream and shout
Now it's too late
It can't be changed
No time left to escape

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