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What really goes on

- by Emmi Hayes 59

We all have a friend
Who's silver and shines
It pierces our skin
And draws the red lines

It leaves several scars
Over the years
But it lets out our screams
As well as our fears

It gives us relief
We need the sensation
But we keep it a secret
We hate the attention

Those perfect red lines
They become such a burden
But we do it anyway
Because we're tired of hurting

Some call us psycho
But we know they're all wrong
They all know what to be
We don't know where we belong

We hide the scars
Under jackets and sleeves
Our loved ones don't know
The cuts stay unseen

We try to act fine
So no one'll know
But sometimes we slip
And the cracks begin to show

Letter from a razor

- by Carrina 58

While you were away today,
Some unkind words were said.
My orders you surely did disobey
When you left me on your bed.

I had told you to stay here,
To hold me in your hand,
But it has become clear;
The pain you cannot withstand.

You have wandered into your room,
Empty and dull.
You are to use me, I presume;
I will draw you into a lull.

Your eyes find me and you snatch me up.
You lower me to your wrist and make the first cut.
There was a time you were innocent; this I did corrupt.
Now bloody memories we do construct.

Amusing is your addiction,
Your dire need to play.
Daily you fill your prescription,
And the price you do pay.

Scars marr your once even flesh,
Each a memory of a cruelty at best.
Some represent a touch of crazy in your head...
But with me, we make these thoughts dead.

Run me across your skin again and again,
Use me more and more.
Now your thoughts will surely blend;
The red silk from your arm still warm.

Perhaps you cut too deep,
And now you've left for good.
Think of it as going to sleep,
We both knew you someday would.

Now you have left me all alone
When you breathed your last breath;
You've been taken far far from home,
Now we both may finally rest.

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