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- by Joshua Corrie 59

Baseball is America's past time;
the green fields and the fresh dirt;
cool, beautiful spring days;
your girlfriend on the bleachers.

The first pitch of the season;
the ball goes over your head;
you chase it sprinting for it;
you dive for it, your mouth full of dirt.

You realize you just made the first out of the season;
your teammates are there helping you up and cheering you on.
as you go up to bat;
you feel a sudden anxiety.

As you warm up at the plate;
your muscles tense;
here comes the pitch;
you nail it, it's gone.

You come up to round first;
there is a kid in the baseline;
you plow him over and you also fall;
you realize you might have sprained your ankle.

You get up and run for second;
you start to round second and realize the ball is coming infield;
you head for third anyway;
you realize the ball was overthrown and you run for home.

As you're halfway there, the catcher catches the ball;
you slide into home;
adrenaline pumping through your veins;
the fear that you might be called out takes over.

As the umpire calls you safe, you get a sense of relief;
before you realize you got the first run of the season;
you realize that your girlfriend is there to help you up.

My addiction and passion

- by Brett Melton 58

My Sport
The big jumps, bruises, and broken bones
The blood that pours from open wounds
The stitches needed to mend the cuts
All of this can be too much
The elbow to elbow packs in which we race
The frightening heights at which we face
I still decide to risk my life
Just because it feels so right
It's a rush to hear the roar
From the fans that want some more
You push yourself to the limit
Just because you want to win it
To have the thrill without a pill
The plant, the liquid, the stuff that kills
Others choose to smoke away
So that they can feel high all day
I just hit the kickers and doubles
This gets me higher than all the others
I know it dangerous but I love to ride
Motocross is my way of life

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