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Broken wings

- by Kat S 60

Wings of wax will melt and fall apart
But what if they are a true reflection of what's in my heart?
Weak, easily discouraged, and without pride
My escape to freedom denied

I can never spread my wings and fly
I will never know the feeling of the sky
For these broken wings keep me grounded
And trapped with the memories of how they once sounded

They used to be so beautiful and proud
But now they hang around me like a black shroud
Reminding me of my once known glory
And how this is just another sad story

These wings are torn and tattered, no longer able to carry me
My heart, unable to dream of the possibility of being free
And my soul, now a deep black abyss
Waits silently for death's blissful kiss

Words unsaid

- by Melanie Dawn Batac 60

Regretting the moments I took for granted,
Moments when I was eaten by pride and hatred.
What if I have told you what I feel?
Will it change my life's wheel?

I was so afraid to fall in love deeply,
For mending a broken heart will never be easy.
I have been rotting in that hell before,
And I don't want to be there anymore.

But why is my heart crying in pain?
Why do I feel that my life's turning so plain?
Should I have told you that I love you?
Should I have showed you that it's true?

They say, some words are better left unsaid,
Emotions should be kept 'till they fade.
No, scratch all the cowardice and negativity,
Because saying what you feel is the real bravery.

So what if you won't love me back?
At least, there will be no what if's in my mind.
But it's too late for me to realize this fact,
'Cause now you're gone and you'll never be mine.

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