Poems about sadness

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- by Darren Harris 59

Depression is running through my head,
These thoughts make me think of death,
A darkness which blanks my mind,
A walk through the graveyard, what can I find?
Black shadows walk in between the graves,
How many lives have not been saved?
Six feet under if not more,
How I'd like to go down and explore,
The feeling of lying in a box,
I can't get out, is it locked?
Is it day or is it night?
Are birds singing or have bats taken to flight?
I know one day this is where I'll go,
Am I afraid? I don't think so!
Will I be able to explore the feeling of death?
After I've taken my last breath?
Or will I be a shadow in between the graves?
Will I know how many lives have not been saved?
After this life is there another one?
With a different moon and a different sun,
I won't go to hell as I'm already there,
A place full of sadness, a place full of despair,
So there's nothing to live for, no future no past,
So I might as well end it, end this life at last.

Complicated families

- by JQ Downing 58

So many tears shed in the dark of night,
hidden away in our private thoughts
only to be shelved with morning's first light
because of no courage to speak of the pain
this part of our lives remain the same...

Mother's and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers
gather for holidays they hope will heal
while gathered together sharing a meal
what they bring, back from the past,
perhaps they'll be able to bed it, at last.

Years of analysis, a lifetime of good,
can be shattered with just one word,
maybe a look, or gesture of scorn;
any of which destroys years of progress,
all the good overturned,
At least that's what I'm told,
over and over again...

I sit by a letter, addressed to my sister,
no courage to post it, no guts to muster.
I've written the things I needed to say;
will she get my meaning or stray away?
into her own thoughts to calm her that day...
thoughts of comfort, truth not portrayed.

It must be nice to be the favored child of choice,
to not know the feelings of a life not rejoiced,
to know through life, whatever wrong you've done
in the eyes of the parents, you'll remain number one;
to not know what it's like to give of your soul
for recognition that you will never, ever know...

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