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Together yet apart

- by Kyra Lee 59

It's gotten harder and harder
since the day you went away
but still people keep telling me
everything shall be okay

I know deep inside
that it's better up there
but we're not together
which makes it unfair

Seems like yesterday
that we were together
then I opened my eyes
to realize gone means forever

It hurts and it aches
it's slicing my heart
for the rest of my life
we shall be apart

I'm waiting for the future
hoping to see
that when I die
You'll open up those gates for me

Having a Poppy
with a heart made of gold
is my favorite treasure
which will never grow old

Family reunions
will never be the same
'cause you're not there with us
to be stronger I aim

Your chair at the table
is empty and cold
you need to come home
I need someone to hold

Now that you're gone
I have novone to run to
Am I doing this right
please send me a clue

I don't understand
the meaning of life
I can't get this right
Keep getting in strife

Do you know
How much we all love you
Do you realize
How much I trust You

You're officially gone
But forever in my heart
You and me Poppy
together, yet apart

My last visit

- by Alexis Abraham 58

It's time
to say goodbye.
I'm so upset,
my mouth has gone dry.

Slowly I bend over
and give you a kiss.
Your blue eyes filled with sadness,
the time I spent together I will miss.

When I pull away,
This pain is in my heart.
I don't want you to leave me,
I don't want to be apart.

Sadly, I know
this goodbye means forever.
We have so many memories
that I will always remember.

The drive back home
was the saddest I ever had.
I cried so hard,
I felt so bad.

I prayed that God
would let you stay.
But eventually He took you
far away.

It's all for the best,
I learned to face.
You are free from pain,
and in a better place.

Your memory is alive,
to this day.
I love you so much, Poppi
even though you're far away.

I know you look down on me
and still love me with all your heart,
a bond so strong,
it will never break apart.

Please remember me,
and all the good times.
For I love you so much,
I put it in rhyme.

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