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Dear mom

- by Katrina Randklev 59

Standing in self-hatred,
drowning in my tears.
Looking back on my life,
what I've been through the past 18 years.
Living in my brother's shadow,
everything I do and say,
wishing somehow things would change,
praying for a way.
Same old crap just another day,
living this evil life that was created just for me.
Starving for love, affection, and attention,
I know none of this is how it's really supposed to be.
I try to be strong,
even though I feel so weak.
Feel like just giving up,
but I won't accept that level of defeat.
Pretend like I'm always happy,
although I'm never really okay.
Waiting for this pain to end,
that I feel every stupid day.
It's hard to say what's wrong,
when nothings going right.
Hard to keep myself going,
when I've been blinded by sight.
This pain is never ending,
it just goes on and on and on.
It's all so unbelievably real,
I just wish it all was gone.
Trying to pick myself up,
when I've fallen so far and hard.
But I don't know where I'm going,
It's all so very dark.
My heart is weak, my emotions sore,
I do my best to never let it show.
But deep down inside I feel like,
I'm dying and nobody knows.
A lot of messed up thoughts,
run through my head constantly.
I just wish I didn't live,
this life of MISERY!

Written by: Katrina Randklev

Dear mom

- by Krystal A. Bayer 58

Dear Mom,
You said you'd always be there
But you're nowhere to be found
I can't believe you left me
I feel so low beneath the ground

There's nothing I can do now
I trusted you with all my heart
But now you're gone
You're the one who tore my life apart

I've learned not to trust
There's nothing more to say
You've lost someone special
You can't get back each day

Now you're the one left in the dark
And all of a sudden you feel my pain
You expect me to take you back
But you still feel you're not to blame

I could never forgive you
Even if I tried
You can never make up
For the lonely nights I've cried

You will never know the feeling
Of losing the person you need the most
To laugh and cry and love you
Instead of making you feel like a ghost

I've moved on with my life
Without you by my side
My pain has kept so long
I'm telling you how I feel inside

In a way I want to thank you
Because of you I'm strong
I just wanted you to know
I didn't turn out wrong

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