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Until that day

- by Chris Belden 59

Until That Day

Until that day I'll think of you,
the love we shared, the memories too.

Until that day I'll think of you,
I'll try so hard in all I do.

Until that day I'll find out why,
you had to leave with no "goodbye".

Until that day this is so,
your family misses you, more than you'll know.

Until that day You'll be with him,
your God, your Savior, and new best friend.

Until that day I see you there,
you're in my heart, you're everywhere.

Until that day.

My auntie

- by Brittany E. Dorn 58

My Auntie has a special gift
She knows just what to do
To make me happy all the time
And show she loves me too

At Christmas and Thanksgiving
She's the person I look for
She stays at my house overnight
But I want her to stay for more

I can tell when she's joking
By the twinkle in her eyes
She's the best at solving problems
She is patient and she's wise

She is so creative
With her poetry and crafts
And every time I'm with her
We have a lot of laughs

I will always admire my Auntie
For my whole life you see
Because even though I'm still a kid
She spends so much time with me

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