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Everything and nothing

- by Toni 59

There you are inside me, Jarek, you're on your way,
I'm more and more excited and scared every day.
Everything is so different and changed,
Life as I've known it - all rearranged.

You stretch and wiggle and move as you grow,
My belly gets bigger, my face stays aglow.
You're a strong little guy - your big muscles show,
You cracked mommy's rib just a few days ago!

Daddy's changing too - he's as proud as can be,
He's so attentive to mommy's every want and need.
Rubbing my belly, he talks to you every night,
He comes to every appointment to make sure you're alright,

The doc said "It's a girl" but didn't write it in ink,
We assumed he was right and got lots and lots of pink.
We went in for a 3-D, found a penis, "It's a boy!"
Our faces in shock, but our hearts… full of joy.

I've fallen in love with your handsome little face -
I show off your pictures all over the place!
On stamps, on invitations, to everyone I meet,
You look just like your daddy with your chubby little cheeks!

There's so much inside me and everything's new…
New thoughts, new fears, new emotions, and you!
I already love you like I've never felt before,
I wonder how there could possibly be room for more.

Can I teach you respect, show you love, make you strong?
Will you know in an instant that this is where you belong?
You'll teach me patience, show me strength, make me grow -
I'll learn from you every day - you lead and I'll follow.

I have so many worries as we prepare,
Our pockets are empty but we'll make it - I swear.
Can I be a good mother? Will you be okay?
I promise you everything…
…and NOTHING will stand in my way.

My hero

- by Jaimie 58

I go into the hospital
to make sure you're growing and strong,
The Doctor says "This isn't right,
You're 2 centimeters long"

The Doctors tells me Calm down, Don't cry
You have to be strong,
I don't understand why this is happening
Did I do something wrong?

Only 5 months along and scared to death
What am I to do?
They rush me to another hospital
Why? I have no clue.

They take me in a room
where I will have to stay,
Please let everything be OK
for hours to God I'd pray.

Days turn into weeks as
I lay in the hospital bed,
The time has come, You're ready to go,
The Doctor soon had said.

As I'm in the operating room
Scared to death I lie,
Chances slim, fear all around,
It could be a good or bad day.

I hear you cry a wonderful sound
Eyes opened wide,
They say that your here, room full of joy,
Thank Heaven that you tried.

I felt like your HERO
But would you be OK?
Questions, concerns, tears and fears,
Would you be here to stay?

They rush you off to the ICU
You're too small to breath on your own,
Doctors amazed, Nurses in shock,
If we would have only known.

So much love we gave to you,
So much love you gave us back.
You'd be coming home when you get well,
Your bags we soon would pack.

So fragile and small
Chances were closest to Zero,
You made it through everything
And now you're MY HERO!

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