Anniversary poems

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Thirty-fourth anniversary

- by Angela D Hall 59

Today the year would be thirty-four,
since you vowed to take each others hand
in marriage
and love forever more.

Daddy left this world before you
and made Heaven his new home,
and you would quickly follow,
for you did not want him to be alone.

I know that Heaven is where you're celebrating
your 34th anniversary today,
showing your unconditional love
to each other in every possible way.

The same way you did
when ya'll were here.
Making it work no matter what,
for each burden you would share.

There wasn't a storm
that you two could not weather,
because you loved one another so
and vowed to stay together.

I can see ya'll plain as day
standing on God's golden shore,
walking hand in hand
and celebrating many more.

For I know that together
is how you will always be,
living together in Heaven
and loving for all eternity.

And all I ever wish
and I know you'd wish this too,
is to have a wonderful marriage
such as the two of you.

My rose never faded

- by Lewis Beesinger 58

While walking through seventeen
I picked a bright red rose.
I was living wild and reckless it changed my life I suppose.
A blue ribbon winner with its brilliant flare
Its beauty was enchanting like a breath of mountain air.
I kept it near my heart red velvet all aglow
Why God gave me this gift I guess I'll never know.
Withstanding troubled times and a heartbreak now and then
But the rose never wilted amazing me once again.
Roses bloom in their season then die and fall apart
My rose kept on living rooted deep within my heart.
My days are growing short now I have lived a fulfilled life
The rose I picked when I was young is my fateful loving wife.
She gave me three sons and they filled my bouquet
Pride and pleasure overflowed to see them blossom day by day.
We have grown old together and my heart is still elated after all the years gone by.
My rose never faded.
For my Loving wife

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