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Daddy's girl

- by Jazmyn M. Winder 59

I sit here and daydream of
my future and how it seems
I can picture my wedding day
my daddy walking me down the aisle
To meet my fate
I look over at him and see a single
he thinks he's losing his baby
His biggest fear
but I love him more than ever on this
so I look at him and blow a kiss
His way

He has been there for every single
day of my life
He has been the provider through all
the struggle and strife
I would be lost if he hadn't shown me
the way
I don't know that I would have made it
from day to day
I am so very lucky for all he has
Out of all dads, he is the very best one


- by Crystal L. Feasel 58

You've done so many things for me
So much that maybe you can't see
You made me laugh and you've made me cry
But never once have you said goodbye
You taught me how to ride my bike
And even let me taste things you knew I wouldn't like
You taught how to ride a horse
Feed the chickens
And of course
you told me bedtime stories
Crystal and the Alligator
And you taught me how to drive a car
When I wanted to swim you made me a pool
and sometimes you'd pick me up at Sunday school
If you went somewhere I could always go
To the feed store, or you'd take me to the rodeo
The trips to the dump were so much fun
You'd let me sit in back and soak up the sun
All the treasures I would see
And there you were loading them in back with me
You'd bring them home home and polish them till they shined
And then turn around and sell them for a dime
You taught me how to fish, and hook my own bait
And when I needed to talk you've never made me wait
So now do you see just how much you mean to me
You gave me all these memories to think about even when I'm sad
You are my Papaw
Just like a dad.

Love always your granddaughter,

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