Mother daughter poems

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Mommy dearest

- by Deanne Finewood 59

Mommy Dearest you will always be
My mother so loving and so loved by me
For God has taken you to be by his side
Now in Heaven is where you will reside

You have blessed my life in so many ways
I will cherish our memories until the end of my days
You left me too soon and this was not part of our plan
But God's wishes always come before those of man

Without you I must travel the path alone
No longer my guide, the way you had shown
Your heart my have been weak, but you were strong
For your loving embrace I will always long

God sent you to me as a special gift from above
To teach me life's lessons and shower me with your love
I will always remember your beautiful and smiling face
In my heart you will always have a very special place

A special bond we shared like no other
For this is possible for only Daughter and Mother
I thanked God for each day we were able to share
But without you in my life it is too difficult to bear

Being with God, I hope you will find joy and peace
In this I can find comfort and some happiness at least
For Mommy Dearest you will always be
My Mother so loving and so loved by meMother Daughter Quote

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Mommy don't go

- by Lauren M. Duncan 58

Fields of love,
rain drops of joy.
You hear friends saying,
you're mommys little boy.
Mommy can you play,
mommy will you stay.
Walk a little straighter mommy,
because you're leading me this way.
Mommy please don't leave,
it's not your turn to go.
I'm sitting in this waiting chair,
praying your blood will flow.
Please don't leave,
I need you here.
So my life,
can be perfectly clear.
Pull through this,
I know that you can.
Come on mommy,
it's mommys little man.
Mommy can you here me?
please say you do.
Come on mommy,
I know you'll pull through.
I love you mommy,
nothing is going to change.
Mommy please try,
so my life can stay the same.
Please try, please try!
It's not your turn,
you can not die.
Mommy I love you,
I know you love me too.
That is why you've got to make it,
please make it through.
I've said enough,
I know that you can do it.
Please stay with me,
I know you'll pull through it.

I Love You Mommy!

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