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She may not remember tomorrow

- by Kate E. Cartwright 59

Every Morning
He helps her get up
Get ready for a day
That she may not remember tomorrow

Once a year
I walk in the door
Give her a hug
That she may not remember tomorrow

She goes outside
Picks berries on the farm
Feels like a hard worker
That she may not remember tomorrow

The neighbors come over
Trish and Tilly
Feels like Grandma
That she may not remember tomorrow

She goes to Terry's
For a home cooked dinner
Has laughs and entertainment
That she may not remember tomorrow

Being against a harmful disease
I thank the Lord
All of the time that I have with her knowing
She may not remember me tomorrow

Daddy i remember

- by Tiffany Loftis 58

Daddy I remember, before you fell ill. The spark in your eyes, the laughter, the thrill.

Daddy, I long for that day, when that spark comes back. I wish, Daddy, God would cut you some slack.

Daddy I remember the way you would brag about your grand kids. I know Daddy, they miss all the things you guys did.

Daddy I remember the wonderful, crazy, quirky man you used to be and I hope and pray, Daddy, that God will give that beautiful man back to me.

Daddy you have your ups and your downs, but for the most part, Daddy, you're coming around.

Daddy I remember, some of the aggravating things you would do, but I realize now that was just you, being you.

I would give anything, Daddy, to have things the way they were before, but Daddy I'm just thankful to have you even one day more.

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