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I remember

- by Jerry Krause Sr. 59

I remember a time in youth
Brothers, best friends, together always.
Fishing, and baseball, - oh those were the days.

I remember, together as teens
The fighting and arguing and all in between
The laughing and joking till tears filled our eyes.

I remember those times each day I wake
Not understanding God's choice in who to take
A brother, a father a good man to all.

I remember our last time together
Sitting and talking well into the night
Together, your sickness we vowed to fight.

I remember you asking, ' Jer are you sure'
Looking at you, our eyes filled with tears
' Jack you're my brother, - my blood is yours '.

I remember them saying the transplant went well
Kissing you goodbye I went on my way
I am fine you said, no need to stay.

I remember that night in June
The phone call we've all come to fear
Still remember those words after all these years.

I remember those words, will all my life
Your wife's voice shaking ' the transplant failed'
Three little words through my heart like a knife.

I remember you brother always so strong
I pray every day, I hope you forgive me
I thought I could help you, I guess I was wrong.

I remember a time in youth
Brothers, best friends, together always.
Fishing, and baseball, oh those were the days.

In loving memory of my brother Jack'. 01-17-54 to 06-02-03
When you died, a part of my soul died with you.

My big brother off to the army

- by Terri L. Brewer 58

You've always been here for me,
But now you are about to leave.
I know we fuss and fight,
But I love you with all my might.

You are my big brother,
And there is no other.
No one can take your place,
And when you leave, there will be this big empty space.

We've never been really close,
But at least you have not always lived across the coast.
Because some big brothers do,
I'm really grateful for the 15 years I've lived with you.

I remember when I was small,
And I would always fall.
You were always there for me,
And I know you always will be.

You told me not to cry,
That it would be ok.
Even if I thought you lied,
It was like my big brother saved the day.

You've made me laugh, you've made me cry,
You've even helped me hide some lies.
I love you is something I don't tell you enough,
But I want you to know
When you leave it will be really tough.

I don't know how my life will be,
Without you here beside me.
You've lived with me for 15 years,
But now we're shedding our good-bye tears.

I know you have to move out,
And start a life of your own.
But promise me without a doubt,
You will never forget us back home.

Dedicated to my big brother Danny Brewer Jr. recently sent off for basic training for the army.

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