Nephew poems

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His words set me free

- by Michelle 59

I've held it in
Not sure why
But I've not been able to cry

He left so quick
I didn't have much time
Suddenly, he wasn't mine

I wasn't ready
To let him go
So if I cried, it would be so

I still had things to do
His wash, His games, His toys
The messy room of a boy

But suddenly
As I sat to wait
For him to come home through the garden gate

It struck me that he was gone
That he had died
And I began to cry

And I saw the angles
They were flying by
With my child in the sky

Give him back
I shouted out
But they just flew about

I fell to the ground
I challenged the Lord
Then I begged and read His Word

How can I live
When my life has just gone
How can I go on?

And then I hated
I blamed them all
For my child shouldn't have heard the call

While I lay there
In such pain
I heard a voice who called my name

"I do not know sadness
And I do not know hate
Most of all, I do not question my fate

Stand up Mother
And very tall
I wasn't taken I heard the call!"

So I got up
I turned around
And there was no one to be found

And so it was time to cry
Cause I heard his voice
And it was also time to rejoice

"I wasn't taken I heard the call"
He said to me
And it set me free

A little angel

- by Anjelica Zaez 58

Never shall I forget the horrible smell of hospital.
The smell of the medicine, the smell of cafeteria.
The strong smell of the hospital.
Never shall I forget the pain we went through, the tears we cried, and the question.
Why God? Why let someone die so young and so soon? Why?
Never shall I forget how my family felt.
It felt as if someone was stabbing us from behind.
Never shall I forget the hot long night, the phone rings at night or early in the morning.
The phone ring that was telling us to get up and drive to the hospital because something was wrong.
Never shall I forget all the driving we did from one hospital to another.
Never shall I forget the hospital room where we all hung out at day and night.
Waiting for the doctor to knock on the door to give us some news.
The hard chairs or the hard floors where I used to sit at all day long or ended up falling asleep.
Never shall I forget the small incubator he was in filled with teddy bears, rosaries, and prayer notes.
Never shall I forget the tears of my nephew, coming down his face and asking why does God have to be so cruel? And why did he have to take his little brother away from him?
Never shall I forget my nephew.
How light his hair was, his skin so thin that you could see his ribs and heart pumping up and down.
His tiny feet and hands.
His blue eyes that reminded me of the light blue sky.
Never shall I forget the bright shining stars, hot humid night when he passed away.
How he was torn away from his life so young and soon.

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