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Through the eyes of a child

- by Brianna K. Slone 59

When I was only two years old,
My daddy went away.
He swore he'd always love me,
But he said he couldn't stay.
Days turned into weeks
And weeks turned into years.
I never saw my father,
He never saw my tears.
He never read me bedtime stories
Or tucked me in at night.
He never showed up for my birthdays,
But I always hoped he might.
He missed my first day of kindergarten
And all of my school plays.
He doesn't know how smart I am,
My report cards full of A's.
Sometimes I want to call him
To say Hey Dad I'm still alive!
I'll be 16 years old soon,
Will you teach me how to drive?
It's almost time for college,
The years go by so fast.
I'm looking forward to my future,
But I'm still trapped within my past.
I guess I'll never understand,
Did I do something bad?
My parents got divorced,
But why did I lose my dad?

Questions, through the eyes of a 6 year old boy

- by Adam T. Cumberbatch 58

Can you tuck me into bed mama?
Don't forget to kiss me goodnight.
Can you tell me a story mama,
Before you turn out the lights?

Can you kiss my forehead mama,
Like you used to do before?
Can you at least tell me you love me mama,
Before you close the bedroom door?

Why don't you wanna talk to me mama?
I miss the sound of your voice.
Mama, can you please say somethin'?
I guess if you don't, it's your choice.

But mama, I have to tell you somethin'...

Even though you're quiet mama,
I know what you're goin' through.
I understand why you cry now mama,
Cause I'm hurtin' too.

Why'd you have to leave us daddy?
I still had some growin' up to do.
Did we somehow make you mad daddy?
Or, were we not good enough for you?

Do you know that mama cries at night daddy?
I think it's cause she sleeps alone.
Daddy, can you please call the house tonight,
Cause mama is waitin' by the phone.

You know mama still loves you daddy?
But I hate you for what you done.
you put tears in mama's eyes, daddy.
And in the eyes of YOUR son.

I thought you said you'd never leave daddy?
You said we'd be pals, you and me.
But, you broke your promise daddy,
Like you broke this family.

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