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Waiting for daddy

- by Barbara Bailey 59

Daddy can you feel me
Do you know I'm near
I wished that I could be with you
To wipe away your tears
I know you're hurting daddy
I see it everyday
If only I could help you see
I really am ok
Heaven is so pretty daddy
Me and mommy's there
We're spending time with Jesus
We'll be waiting for you here
But you have things to do down there
Until your time is done
Oh but when that day comes daddy
Into your arms I'll run...

Where did daddy go

- by Bittany Bailey 58

each day I watch her grow and grow,
without the man she'll one day know,

she only sees him every once in a while,
and it breaks my heart just to see her smile,

because I know that beyond that cute little face,
her little heart is breaking from that empty space,

he denied her from birth and said she wasn't his,
until they took his DNA and confirmed that she is,

she's only three and don't know right from wrong,
so we stick by her side to help her stay strong,

each time he walks out of her life were always there,
to show our little Eme that we will always care,

one day I know she'll ask me "Aunt Brittany where did daddy go?"
and I'll reply with "sugarbear I wish that I would know,"

so the next time he sees her I hope that he'll be smart,
and do the right thing by not breaking his little girl's heart

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