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Thinking of you

- by Desirae Marquez 2120

When the day ends
I lay in bed I think of
nothing but You.
I see your face,
your smooth skin when it rubs
againsted mine,
the kiss of you lips makes
my mind go wild.
I know every cruve in you body
the every move you make
the every sound of your laugh.
what can I say I'm in Love with you.

You shattered

- by Hehasmyheart 1971

By Whitney Byrd
You shattered my favorite dream....
And lowered my self-Esteem...
You shattered my heart...
I thought you had class....
But now I've realized you were just an ass
You shattered my life...
With your filthy Cruel Lies
And stabbed my heart with a dam* knife
You shattered my dreams-
I thought I was your girl
But you left me
And you're not in my world
You shatterd my heart and my mind
And your cheating self left me far behind
But that's alright I'm okay
I don't need your lies- or your as* anyway.
You thought you could make me jealous
By putting your arm around her
But you know what? Think again
You told me your lies and said your goodbyes
But you know what? This is not the end
You had your turn-now it's my turn my friend
You thought you could get away with it...
But you know what? You Guessed Wrong
You were hateful and treated me like sh*t
One day you would see how I Did feel
And then you will know...
Your friendship with me is not for real
It's your turn to apologize...
And you need to change your attitude
That my friend you need to recognize...
But I know you're not cuz you are 2 scared..
I would never forgive you...
that My friend I have declared....
You're a low down, pathetic prick
That needs to get a life
and stop being a d*ck
Don't tell me you are sorry
Cuz baby it's too late now
I will get you back- some way some how

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