Lasting love poems

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Loving you

- by Tara 3149

These feelings, words can not express,
But on this paper, I'll do my best.
A thousand stars in the sky at night -
Could not express these feelings right.
Oceans stretching shore to shore -
Endless, but I love you more.
I never knew I could feel this much,
My heart's content with just your touch.
No matter where we have to go,
There's one thing that I'll always know.
I love you deeply, I love you true,
I'll spend my whole life loving you.

My angel

- by Tara 1472

My angel spread his wings to fly,
He looked up and gazed into the sky.
Looking back, he smiled and pulled me near
With one last kiss and one first tear.
Around my soul his arms were tight,
He held me close, it felt so right.
The time had come for him to fly,
My lips met his then said goodbye.
With him he took all that is me,
All that I know, all that I'll be.
He's gone, my angel, soaring high,
It hurts sometimes and makes me cry.
But our souls touch so deep and true,
We're meant to be, me and you.
So fly, my angel, you're everything to me,
Our hearts are one, forever to be.

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