Cyber love poems

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The distance between

- by HOLLY ARMER 323

Your words weave a spell upon my soul.
Enchanting my heart, making me whole.
Twilight surrounds me as I am cast above.
Floating among the stars, lifted by love.
Your words like sweet music upon my ears.
Captivating my spirit and calming my fears.
I see us together on a distant shore.
My heart beating now like never before.
Your words shine down, it's no longer dark.
As I look to our future, I feel a spark.
I'm not alone, you are now my life.
I want nothing more than to be your wife.
Your words have caused these feelings so strong.
In your arms is where I know I belong.
So make a wish upon that shining star.
And the distance between, won't seem so far.
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Dont fade away ( please )

- by PAUL HEWSON 251

Sing to me your favorite song as you fade into the past
you know the one , where we would sing along
and our hearts would beat so fast.
read to me your favorite book as you slip into the light
you know the story , with emotional glory
as i kiss your lips goodnight .
tell me about your most favorite place, as you begin to fall
you know where i mean ,where the sea was so clean
and together we had it all .
i cant protect you in the place where your heading
and all these machines are doing my head in
i cant imagine you not being at home
i cant imagine me being alone
so I'm begging you please to sing me your song
the one where we both would sing SING along
and I'm hoping and praying that you will not fade
and that i wont be alone in the home that WE made.

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