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Love is

- by Choose xX Alex Xx Life 619

How on earth can someone say,
what love actually is,
the emotion the devotion,
is what it is.
But what about bad times,
times that he lies,
what about the lonely nights,
where you sit alone and cry.
love is more than just emotions,
its a game you have to play,
find the pieces, put them together,
and this will help you find your way.
to love someone is to die for them,
and be truthful in every word you say,
make sure he knows that you really do care,
and that you will never play.
to some love is a dream,
in which they want to see,
to hold hands with someone,
to love for eternity.
to some love is a phobia,
a dreaded thought of betrayal,
and to encounter loving somebody,
will leave them thin and frail.
so love cannot be explained,
as people have different views,
love is just a way of life,
and do with it what you choose.
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None other than love

- by Serena 527

I've found the one, who brightens my day,
Who makes the darkness go away.
I had no idea I would love him this much,
But he can change my life with the simplest touch.
He's won my heart, and opened my eyes.
And every minute with him is full of surprise
Somehow he can make everything become okay,
So I guess this is what I really want to say,
I've fallen hard, now I'm head over heels.
When it happens to you, you'll know how it feels.
It becomes so much harder to sleep at night,
You can't eat, you can't think, you know something's not right.
From the time that they first enter your heart,
'Till the day death finally tears you apart,
They'll be the essence of your every wish.
Your entire life will be based on their kiss.
When the summer breeze is their breath upon your face,
And you can feel their presence no matter time or place.
When their tears are rain falling down from the skies,
And when you look at the stars all you see is their eyes.
When they're everywhere you go and everything you see,
Theres no doubt in your mind, you know it's meant to be.
This isn't a fairy tale or a myth you're thinking of,
It's here, and it's real; it's none other than love.

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