Romantic love poems

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Our son

- by Tina L. Sistrunk 59

What a glorious day
When our souls intertwined and our hearts danced together.
When you flowed in me and a flower blossomed inside.
When a heart began to beat
Life awoke from sleep all because of us.
Our blood joined and formed a third party
Like a supernatural show of illusion.
Slowly a human was formed
Inside of another, implanted by yet another.
We amaze me, he amazes me!
You helped me achieve what none can do alone.
I gave you a piece of you and you a piece of me.
The amazing transformation
from inside to the world was just overwhelming.
I wish you were there.
Just the fact that our baby
a living, breathing creature of God
Came and looked at the world for the first time.
He took his first gasp of air, made his first sound.
We created life together.
A bond was built forever in that instant
That you touched so deep and implanted yourself.
Every time I look at him I see you
I see me
I see yesterday
I see today
I see tomorrow
I see eternity.
I feel joy
I feel love
I feel loss
I feel pride
I feel wisdom
I feel strength
I feel stability
I feel real.
I love us so much, for together, we created our first son

Life moves way too fast

- by Brenda L. Schafer 58

You're the reason I get up to face each hectic day
How did our lives get so consumed with nonsense on the way
We used to take the time to laugh and play a game or two
But now it seems we fight a lot and cry way too much too
So when you go to sleep at night I'll slip in by your side
I'll hold you close and squeeze you tight and feel amazing pride
You're the one that I love best, it's very clear to see
With every day I know I'm blessed that you're a part of me
Now let's just try to slow it down and savor all that's past
For that's what molds our future, and life moves way too fast

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